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JLP is a collaboration between partners who between them have over 50 years’ service in the industry. Our directors cut their teeth as tariff consultants decades before privatisation, in the days when prices were fixed and the only way of reducing costs was to squeeze maximum benefit from the available tariff structures. As a result, we have the advantage over the vast majority of energy brokers, many of whom never see an energy bill. When things go wrong (as, inevitably, they do from time to time), we know how to spot the signs and what needs to be done about it.

Regulator Ofgem recently estimated that the countrywide overspend on electricity alone exceeds £2 billion annually. In an industry mainly controlled by third-party intermediaries such as ourselves, this points at the very least to a certain inefficiency. There are, however, darker implications than this. Are you, as the person responsible for purchasing utilities for your company, aware of how much commission can be claimed by your broker, entirely without your knowledge? Commission can be anything up to 2.5p per energy unit. On a gas bill, this can represent a whopping 50% of your total bill; on an electricity bill a more modest, but no less eye-watering, 20%.

JLP’s aim as a company is to shine a little light into the darker places of our industry by offering commission transparency. As a first step, we can offer you an insight into the fairness or otherwise of your existing electricity and gas contracts.

Visit our Prices page for more information, then contact us if you think your company might benefit from our service.

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